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Laiwu Haitian Automobile Fitting Co., LTD
Add: Lixin Town Gangcheng Distria Laiwu City ,
Tel: 0634-6844266

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             LaiWu Haitian Automobile Fitting CO., LTD is founded in 2008, and it is in LaiWu , a beautiful steel city. We entered into a joint-venture partnership with Promax Auto Parts Bepot,which is a famous Canadian enterprise and a professional enterprise for Auto disc brake pads and the friction materials. And at the same year our enterprise came to be the production base of Dongying Xinyi Automobile Fitting CO., LTD .
             Our enterprise covers an area of 60,000 square and a construction area of 20,000 square. What’s more, we have four production lines, and the annual production capacity of  5 million sets. We has already acquired a share of the markets of North America, West Europe, Middle East and other regions.And we can offer manufacture business of main engine for many famous car production factories at home or abroad. 
                Our enterprise has advanced friction material test and research center. And our production has made three formula systems of ceramic, semimetal, rare metal, and compromises the most advanced friction material technology. All above, our enterprise has the  world-class technology.
               We are willing to cooperating with you, my best friends. we would create a brilliant future together!

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